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Ultimate Guard Figure Stands Big Peg Vintage (20 pieces)

  • EAN: 4056133016902
  • Serial number: UGD011112
We are taking (or rather making) a stand for your action figures! Display them with our transparent figure stands, available with two differently-sized pegs to fit most of your 3 3/4\'\' and 6\'\' collection!

Compatible with most Figures from:
Vintage Star Wars™ 1978-1985 & Hasbro Star Wars™ Black Series 6\'\' / Kenner® /ReAction Figures™ / Playmate Toys® / Masters of the Universe® Classics / McFarlane Toys™ and more

Hasbro Star Wars™ Black Series 3 3/4\'\' and more

Technical data:

Small Peg Modern: Ø 31?× 1.5 mm, 2.35 mm peg
Big Peg Vintage: Ø 31?× 1.5 mm, 3.4 mm peg