Bud Spencer Statue 1/6 1970 44 cm

  • Serial number: SCD200006
Olympic swimmer, composer, pilot, inventor and European cult cinema icon. While these are some (and not even all) steps in the incredible life and works of the great Bud Spencer, many of us simply see him as our childhood hero! Very few actors have a more dedicated cult following than the Italian screen legend.\n\nFans and collectors are desperately waiting for many years now for some high-end Bud Spencer collectibles and the wait is finally over! supacraft® proudly presents the world\'s first officially licensed Bud Spencer 1/6 scale resin statue. It shows him in his early days of acting in several Spaghetti Western movies which brought so much fun to this genre.\n\nThe statue is true to Bud\'s appearance in those days and bursting with details. The head sculpt features an incredible likeness of Bud Spencer and also his build, the relaxed pose and facial expression and the clothes he wears - all look like they were cut right out of the silver screen. Many small details, like the dusty look of his clothes, the sweat stain on his back, the dirt under his fingernails, his belt , the sheriff\'s star, his spurs and even the spot where his shirt is untucked, bring joy to any collector\'s heart. The removable gun fits perfectly inside the holster. The beautifully crafted diorama base gives everything the perfect final touch.\n\nWe at supacraft® had the honour and privilege to work with Mr. Spencer directly to make this masterpiece happen! The Maestro himself approved the final prototype of this collectible in early 2016, before he sadly passed away later that year. We will always remember him as the kind, humble, larger than life person he was and we are happy to be able to honour his legacy with such a wonderful piece of art.\n\nThe statue is limited to 1.500 pieces and will include a certificate of authenticity and a medal of authenticity, which is housed in a case with velour interior.\n\nFeatures:\n\n- 1/6-scale resin statue\n- Western-style diorama base\n- Limited edition of 1.500 pieces\n- Certificate and medal of authenticity\n- Full-color cardboard packaging with foam interior\n\nProduct specifications:\n\nHeight: 44 cm (height of figure without base: 32 cm)\nLength: 20 cm\nWidth: 22 cm\nWeight: 3965 g